Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow Day (a day with Mommy & Gabe)

Sorry, this post is late! I meant to post it Saturday, February 25th :-/  Oops.
Anyway, Hubby had to go to Des Moines for work all day so it was just Gabriel and I. Here is what our day looked like :)

Playing in the snow after breakfast and book time.

 He fell down.... A LOT! He is just as graceful as his mama.

 However, the time he fell flat on his face did not go over well (below is the imprint it made in the snow).

 After recovering from the face plant, we ventured outside again to inspect the bushes, a continuous source of curiosity for Gabriel.
Later that day, as I was sitting on the floor next to the couch and reading a text from Jaime, I heard Gabriel grunting. When I looked over, this is what I saw:
 He was climbing into the walker ALL BY HIMSELF! Last week he just started climbing onto everything, especially the couch. He loves to climb onto the couch and read his books :) I was surprised to see him climbing into the walker, though. It seems a bit awkward and painful to me...then again I'm not a toddler.

 Of course, we were sad that Daddy didn't get to see this new skill, so Gabriel showed off again after diner when Daddy got home (this time minus the diaper, lol).

 He somehow got both legs through one hole so his naked butt is sticking out of the other side.

Gabriel and I had a blast spending the whole day together, just Mommy and Gabe :) We don't usually get so much time together because of my busy schedule and it was great.

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