Sunday, February 12, 2012

We finally made the Switch!

I believe I have a post somewhere about why I switched to cloth diapers when Gabriel was 6 months old. Anyway, I never considered using cloth butt wipes as well until some months ago. I did some research, contemplated, but ultimately chickened out :( Now, at 16 1/2 months, we have finally made the switch to cloth wipes, as well! I just got so tired of wasting the disposable wipes (too many would come out at once, Gabriel would get a hold of the package and start trying to eat the wipes, etc-etc.) and knowing that they weren't supposed to go down the toilet but often that is what ended up happening when I rinsed the diapers.

It feels so nice to know that now, not only does Gabriel have comfy, natural diapers on his tushie, but no more chemically disposable wipes, either!

For wipes, we are using a combination of cut-up 100% cotton flannel blankets and cotton wash cloths. As for solution, we use 2 cups water, 1tsp virgin olive oil, 1/2 tsp baby wash and since he has a yeast diaper rash, I added a few drops of tea tree oil. 

I love the feeling I get after cleaning and organizing his diapers :) (maybe because it's one of the few things I have control over in my crazy life).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A hodge-podge Post

Well, I meant to blog about our trip to Grandma and Grandpa's last week but just now got the pictures uploaded. My hubby and I went to Des Moines to celebrate his 21st birthday! We got crazy, like Olive Garden crazy! Hey, for us it was pretty exciting, we don't drink. I got a yummy berry sangrias and Jaime got a mango martini- both were DELICIOUS! We were both really nervous because we did not know what we would/wouldn't like. I am very picky and don't like drinks that actually "taste" like alcohol- like a Smirnoff is the strongest I go. We were both very pleased with our drinks and meals; it was a great night. He almost cancelled celebrating because we are trying to conserve money, luckily we had an Olive Garden gift card!! Saturday night (we went out Sunday but came down Saturday night to get more grandma and grandpa time) Gabe and I had fun with my parents while Jaime spent some time with his dad. It was really nice being "home," especially since my mom was in a baking mood (monkey bread, chocolate-peanutbutter bars, and this cherry streusel thing)!

Trying to sweet-talk Uncle Nick into feeding him.

Playing with Ash's cat toy (he loved that thing). 

Talking to Sydney

Also, early Saturday morning, before heading to Des Moines and while daddy was still sleeping, Gabe and I went outside to check out the snow :) This is only the 2nd time he's been in the snow, they 1st time he's really played in it. He had a blast, though we only stayed out for maybe 20 minutes because it was so cold! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've had an exhilarating night. First, grocery shopping with the babe and hubby, then cookies, goofing around and having tickle wars with Gabe, and then daddy gave Gabey Baby a bath while I got laundry started and things ready for bed. After getting Gabe's diaper on and all settled for sleep, I hit the shower and got ready to go to campus. I had to read a book for class (which was still on back-order) which was on reserve for our class at the library- the only problem is that you couldn't take it out of the library and you only got the book for 2 hours. As I was getting ready to catch the bus at 8:40p.m., our neighbor, Lila, offered me a ride! Anywho...long story short I had a great time at the library, shut up in tier 3 (or 2, I'm not sure), listening to classical music and reading the chapters I had scanned to my computer. No kitty purring in my ear or rubbing against my book, no loud neighbors, and no baby paranoia going on. It was great! Finally, at 10:45p.m. I caught the bus home, though I still had 60+ pages to read, a Psych chapter to read, and a Classical Studies reading. My hubby was happy to see me, until I informed him of the hours of studying I still had to do. After some convincing I got him off to bed and continued my peaceful studying.

If every night of homework could go this smoothly, college would be a breeze. I'm thinking about asking Jaime if I can spend a night at the library one night a week and get my fix of homework euphoria :) However, I only got through the 60+ pages of Anthropology reading- and a 15 minute break getting Gabriel back to sleep, which I thoroughly enjoyed- but did not get to my other two class readings. But hey!- it's better progress then I have been making. I am WAY behind in my classes, as are many students I like to think, and I feel that I made a good dent tonight. I know I will not be able to do all of the readings assigned to me in all of my classes, but I intend to do my best. Considering that lately I've been passing out around 11p.m., I'm impressed that I made it until 1:00a.m. before the lines on the pages began to blur together and get all fuzzy.

Well, that's all folks. Good night!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cesarean Awareness

September 23, 2010 I had my son, Gabriel, via emergency c-section at Lutheran Hospital. I labored (he was posterior and cause back labor) without pain meds for about 5 hours and made it to 9 1/2 cm or so. I had been in early labor for a week or so prior to this. My doctor broke my waters around 6cm to "speed things along" (though I was progressing normally). I agreed because who wouldn't want to get done with labor faster!? What I didn't know and what my doctor didn't tell me, is that since Gabriel was posterior (head down but facing backwards) breaking my waters increased the likelihood of a prolapsed cord which is life-threatening to the baby. He needed the extra cushion and support the water provided to turn, he also needed more time. Once I was nearly fully dilated my doctor kept asking me "do you feel like pushing?" "Are you ready to push?" over-and-over-and-over! My mom never felt the urge to push and apparently I was the same because the doc said I looked "ready." Then, the nurse told me to switch positions NOW! Apparently Gabe's cord had prolapsed (dropped in front of the cervix) and I was rushed off to get a c-section. I awoke confused, not realizing that I had given birth, and unable to speak clearly, and unable to sit up or move because of the pain-excrutiating pain. When I saw Gabriel he was swaddled and I just saw his face- his perfect little face. I cried from joy, but I also cried from grief and disappointment. A mother should be able to see the birth of her child.
My 1st view of Gabriel
Holding him for the first time, I needed help because I was to weak to position him properly.

Many family and friends kept telling me, "You should just be happy that you have a healthy baby." That is like telling a woman who has survived breast cancer but lost most of her hair and had to have her breasts removed "You should just be happy that you are alive." She is missing part of her identity as a woman and deserves to grieve this and have people realize that it is a real issue. Since girlhood I have dreamt of being a mom; I always knew I wanted to get married and have multiple children. Part of a woman and a mother's identity is her ability to birth a child, her ability to cope with and survive labor. It is a privilege that only mothers experience, and I feel as if I have been robbed of this. I love Gabriel dearly, he is everything to Jaime and I- I just don't love the way he had to come into this world.
Standing on my own for the first time post-surgery (Gabe is 2 days old)- you may not be able to tell but I'm in pain. 

I am sharing my story to help make women aware of what toll a cesarean takes on a woman. It's not as simple as "well she didn't even have to push, she was cut open," and any other myths there may be about c-sections. I also want to help women achieve a natural, satisfying, healthy, and safe birth. That is why I have decided to become a doula (labor assistant). A doula helps a woman during pregnancy and specifically during labor through relaxation, visualization, massage, support, advocacy (especially at a hospital against unnecessary interventions that are often considered "routine"), partner support, breastfeeding support, and much more. Since Gabriel's birth I have known that I want to help other mothers, I am so EXCITED to have finally found my calling! I told my husband and he stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said "Oh my goodness, Sweetie, it's you!! I always knew you were meant to help people, this is perfect for you." This confirmed my feelings that becoming a doula is what I am meant to do.

Also, as I have researched VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), being a doula, and natural childbirth, it has helped me heal from my own traumatic birth experience. I hope that in the future, I can help women heal from a c-section and realize that they are STRONG, capable, beautiful women who still took part in the miracle of life. If you have had a c-section and desire to have a vaginal birth next time, visit for great support and information.