Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've had an exhilarating night. First, grocery shopping with the babe and hubby, then cookies, goofing around and having tickle wars with Gabe, and then daddy gave Gabey Baby a bath while I got laundry started and things ready for bed. After getting Gabe's diaper on and all settled for sleep, I hit the shower and got ready to go to campus. I had to read a book for class (which was still on back-order) which was on reserve for our class at the library- the only problem is that you couldn't take it out of the library and you only got the book for 2 hours. As I was getting ready to catch the bus at 8:40p.m., our neighbor, Lila, offered me a ride! Anywho...long story short I had a great time at the library, shut up in tier 3 (or 2, I'm not sure), listening to classical music and reading the chapters I had scanned to my computer. No kitty purring in my ear or rubbing against my book, no loud neighbors, and no baby paranoia going on. It was great! Finally, at 10:45p.m. I caught the bus home, though I still had 60+ pages to read, a Psych chapter to read, and a Classical Studies reading. My hubby was happy to see me, until I informed him of the hours of studying I still had to do. After some convincing I got him off to bed and continued my peaceful studying.

If every night of homework could go this smoothly, college would be a breeze. I'm thinking about asking Jaime if I can spend a night at the library one night a week and get my fix of homework euphoria :) However, I only got through the 60+ pages of Anthropology reading- and a 15 minute break getting Gabriel back to sleep, which I thoroughly enjoyed- but did not get to my other two class readings. But hey!- it's better progress then I have been making. I am WAY behind in my classes, as are many students I like to think, and I feel that I made a good dent tonight. I know I will not be able to do all of the readings assigned to me in all of my classes, but I intend to do my best. Considering that lately I've been passing out around 11p.m., I'm impressed that I made it until 1:00a.m. before the lines on the pages began to blur together and get all fuzzy.

Well, that's all folks. Good night!!!

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