Thursday, March 28, 2013


Are y'all ready for a big confession? I no longer LOVE pocket diapers. Huh GASP! I know...It's not to say I don't like them; it's just that they aren't my favorite anymore. After just over 2 years of experience cloth diapering and with 2 kids now, I have tried almost everything. What I've come to realize is that pockets are perfect for beginning your cloth diaper journey as they are easy to use and daycare/grandma friendly.
My stash from awhile ago (when Gabe was maybe 18 months?) Look at all those pockets!

Now that I've tried flats and covers and fitteds with covers, these are by far my favorite. After long usage I've noticed that the fleece in pockets and all-in-ones don't hold up so well. They don't necessarily get holes, but they stop being so clean. The synthetic fibers hold on to poop particles and detergent build-up more than natural fibers like cotton and bamboo. So I guess it's not the style of pocket diapers that bothers me, but the fact that nearly 100% of them use fleece, suedecloth or some other synthetic stay-dry material. For some, this can lead to more yeast infections as it's difficult to kill the bacteria so once the child gets an infection, the diapers keep reinfecting them.

Unfortunately, I didn't come to this realization until after purchasing a lot of BumGenius Freetimes to complete our stash. I absolutely LOVE the design of the Freetime, I just wish it was made of cotton like the Elemental, then I'd be a very happy mama! If it weren't for the kids being in daycare (and my husband's angry response when he realizes I want to sell all the diapers we just bought) I would completely redo my stash to include:

  • at least 6 more covers
  • exchange the prefolds for more flats (I prefer flats because they dry quicker and are more customizable than prefolds). 
  • fitteds for night time use
  • a few more upcycled wool covers

When I first started cloth diapering the "old school" diapers were very intimidating. In reality they can be just as easy as pockets, especially if you simply "padfold" a flat or "trifold" a prefold into a cover before hand, then it's ready to go at the next change. What I do is fold all the flats as I'm putting the diapers away. We have a bin for prefolds and flats and a bin for covers in our changing table. At a diaper change I simply wipe down the used cover and set it to air dry, grab a clean cover, set the flat in it and snap/velcro it on to baby! For daycare I would love to exchange all my pockets for the Best Bottoms diaper system, which you can see for yourself here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 months

Prairie turned 3 months on March 4th. I wasn't going to do the traditional 3 month pictures because we are really tight for money, but she is so stinkin' precious I just had to get her pictures taken! I decided to take the pictures myself at home. She's always smiling at me anyway, so I figured I'd just dress her up when she is in a good mood and shoot some photos! Here are the results:

I took A LOT more pictures, but those were the "best." Here are some of my favs that didn't make the cut:

 This expression is priceless :)

Daddy wanted a picture with her but by this time she was done with the photo shoot and would give us no more smiles.