Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall...Such a Dangerous Time of Year...

About a week ago here in Iowa the weather started to turn fall-ish; 60 degree days with a light breeze, cool mornings and chilly evenings. Combined with the GORGEOUS color changes happening to trees and bushes all around town, this made for perfect evening walks. Every night this week Jaime, Gabriel and I have gone on a walk around the neighborhood before "nakey time" (this is the time, usually between 6:30 and 7p.m., when we dim the lights, strip Gabriel down to his birthday suit because the boy loves being naked, and sit on the couch to read books before bed). Well Thursday I finally remembered to bring my camera and get some action shots of the Fall changes in our neighborhood.

The tree outside of our bedroom window.

 Pretty red and gold.

 My handsome little man always has to touch the pine trees :)

 30 weeks 5 days prego.

But on to the real reason fall is dangerous. The cooler weather and deep colors sends me into what my husband calls a baking binge. This time of year I always have the urge to whip up snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, apple cinnamon muffins, and all types of baked goodies! The difference this year?!? I discovered Pinterest this summer...Yep. Originally I used it to find sewing tutorials, but today I stumbled upon this recipe, which then led me to a multitude of other yummy fall recipes (you know how at the bottom of blog posts there's that section titled "you may also like..."? well I kept clicking on those because yummy pictures kept appearing!) The problem with drooling over all of these pumpkin, apple, and crock pot recipes is that I am supposed to be eating healthy for baby (and avoiding an overload of carbs). I'm guessing my midwife wouldn't consider baking pumpkin inspired goodies every other day as healthy so I'm compromising and have promised my husband I will only bake one dessert a week. Only 8-10 weeks left of pregnancy depending on when baby girl decides to arrive (Gabriel came during my 38th week so that's why I say 8 to 10, she could come early or decide to bake a lil' longer than her brother) so lets hope I can be good and not gain a monstrous amount.