Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I Crazy?!?

My husband and I agreed before we got married that we wanted our kids close together (like 1 1/2 to 2 years apart). We planned on waiting until right after college to have kids but we were blessed a little early and I still have this year plus one more of college to finish.

So, ever since Gabriel was about 6 months I've been having crazy baby fever but containing it by telling myself "just finish school then worry about more kids." However, Gabriel just had his first b-day and now my husband is even wanting another kid. But there's one thing stopping us both from jumping into it-- 2 years of college!

I know it would be great to have our careers settled, buy a house, and then worry about giving Gabriel a little sibling, but then again I don't want to sacrifice what my husband and I want for our family (kids close in age to be friends, share, get through baby stage in one big adventure, etc) just because of school. No matter what, my husband will graduate and hopefully I will too even if I get pregnant with 2 years left; it would obviously just be harder. However, after school and baby mode it would be worth it (so I believe).
If we conceive this fall the baby would be born in summer of 2012 so I'd have one year to finish after baby is born. I'm planning on being a stay-at-home mom as well but it all depends on the economy and husband's job (thus why I'm taking time to go to college).

Anybody go through college with 2+ kids? Stories? Please give advice!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big One

We celebrated Gabriel's first birthday this Saturday at our new apartment. Yes we managed to squeeze 20 people into our small living room/kitchen! Luckily, most of the fun was outside :)

Here is a picture narration of the big day:
Is it possible?!?! YES! All boys smiling at once! Uncle Nick, Gabriel, Daddy, and Uncle Allan.
Gabriel has long had a hair obsession...and Grandpa loves him SOO much that he grew his beard out just for Gabriel's birthday :)
Gabriel's first every taste of cake! (and my baking, lol). 

He was very calm while eating his birthday cake, and neat. Totally NOT what I expected! He also dug a little mouse hole in the side of his cake.

Tigger ball from Grandpa Sandoval

After everyone left I thought he would be exhausted and ready for bed but no, he was HYPER! Zoomed back and forth along the couch playing with his new toys until daddy and I finally realized he was never going to sleep unless we got him away from the toys and thus we went for a nice evening walk.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Super-duper Special Day

Thursday, September 23 2010 at 9:58 pm Gabriel Zechariah Sandoval was born after an emergency c-section due to prolapsed cord. Even though I didn't get the natural, med-free delivery I wanted (though I labored without meds until they knocked me out for the surgery) I still got an amazing gift; my son!

Happy 1st Birthday Gabriel!!! Mommy loves you SOOO much and is so proud of the little person you are becoming.

Monday, September 19, 2011


So I'm pretty sure my professors and family members all got together and said "Lets make everything happen between September 17th and 30th. This past weekend we had a pot luck for my uncle returning from Afghanistan, a cousins birthday and of course the usual homework. On top of the usual homework I have to study for my history midterm that's this Friday. This Friday is also my son's first birthday!! Yay so exciting! So sometime between study sessions, diaper changes, diner, and play time I will be getting stuff ready for Gabriel's party this weekend. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband to help out :)

(This is actually a pic of our friend Zach, not just a random person, lol)

After my test this Friday I have one in Sociology Monday the 26th, my other history class test is on the 29th and my Classical Studies test on the 30th, then a map quiz the following Monday. I think I might have to push back my 10pm bedtime for the next two weeks....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Smart Ranch

So I don't know about everyone else but it was beautiful for us this weekend! Absolutely gorgeous...and a 3 day weekend (No, I'm serious)! So we decided to head down to Southern Iowa and visit my folks on their new "farm" they just purchased (my mom calls it the farm but my dad calls it the ranch).


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' on My Head!

It was breezy and rainy with a mild temperature...perfect for a WALK!

 Daddy and Gabriel walking through the apartment  complex.
 Rain drops keep fallin' on my head...
 Num-num leaf
 Jaime and I

 Dew covered pines

 Nike...JUST DO IT! lol

 Some random nature shots

 Aspen leaves
 Cool tree

 Yep, we have blue water hydrants.

 Ornery face (his new favorite facial expresion)

"The antena were THIS long!"