Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big One

We celebrated Gabriel's first birthday this Saturday at our new apartment. Yes we managed to squeeze 20 people into our small living room/kitchen! Luckily, most of the fun was outside :)

Here is a picture narration of the big day:
Is it possible?!?! YES! All boys smiling at once! Uncle Nick, Gabriel, Daddy, and Uncle Allan.
Gabriel has long had a hair obsession...and Grandpa loves him SOO much that he grew his beard out just for Gabriel's birthday :)
Gabriel's first every taste of cake! (and my baking, lol). 

He was very calm while eating his birthday cake, and neat. Totally NOT what I expected! He also dug a little mouse hole in the side of his cake.

Tigger ball from Grandpa Sandoval

After everyone left I thought he would be exhausted and ready for bed but no, he was HYPER! Zoomed back and forth along the couch playing with his new toys until daddy and I finally realized he was never going to sleep unless we got him away from the toys and thus we went for a nice evening walk.

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