Monday, September 19, 2011


So I'm pretty sure my professors and family members all got together and said "Lets make everything happen between September 17th and 30th. This past weekend we had a pot luck for my uncle returning from Afghanistan, a cousins birthday and of course the usual homework. On top of the usual homework I have to study for my history midterm that's this Friday. This Friday is also my son's first birthday!! Yay so exciting! So sometime between study sessions, diaper changes, diner, and play time I will be getting stuff ready for Gabriel's party this weekend. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband to help out :)

(This is actually a pic of our friend Zach, not just a random person, lol)

After my test this Friday I have one in Sociology Monday the 26th, my other history class test is on the 29th and my Classical Studies test on the 30th, then a map quiz the following Monday. I think I might have to push back my 10pm bedtime for the next two weeks....

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