Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UPDATE: I'm officially addicted to sewing!

My last post was about delving into the world of homemade wool diaper covers, longies, and whatever other baby things imaginable that can be sewn. As of this morning, I had made one pair of longies. As of 7:45pm, I have now made 2 pairs of longies and 2 diaper covers (though not wool, just practice ones) from just 2 sweaters! Unfortunately the model is sleeping and the other diaper cover and longies are in his room (he's actually wearing the pair I just sewed tonight).

 I made mine long in the rise because I use them mainly at night and want Gabriel to be cozy (plus its soo cute :)
Nice comfy leg cuffs, no red marks on baby's thigh.

Not too shabby for only my second day of sewing. The irrational side of me has a very strong urge to drop out of school, become a stay-at-home mom, and sell my homemade diaper/baby goods on etsy as a part time job-thingy.

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