Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day with Daddy

So last weekend, after Gabriel and I spent all Saturday together, we got some time with Daddy. Here is a glimpse into our day as a family :)

 Lavender (our kitty) sleeps snuggled in my hair every night....honestly it gets annoying at 3am when I'm trying to get back to sleep after putting Gabe back down but she is too cute to resist.
 Gabriel playing with pots and a wooden spoon while daddy does dishes and mommy puts laundry away (and takes pictures!).

 He would "stir" the pan and then suck on the spoon, too freakin' adorable!
This video is very short and gets funnier each time you watch it (and the sound must be on). Here is the story behind it: Gabriel has this fascination with water. He loves to spray himself with a squirt bottle and he just started doing this "dance" with his sippy cup where he bounces up and down and then pours water on his face. So of course when I try to catch it on camera he does not cooperate and this is my 3rd attempt to capture the moment (but my silly husband ruins the moment by being a bully so I stop the camera to console Gabe). After awhile I decided it was pretty funny...

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