Sunday, August 7, 2011

Going all the way "Cloth"

I have been using cloth diapers on Gabriel since he was 6 months old and I absolutely LOVE them! I wish I had an excuse (or the extra money) to buy more styles and brands so I can experience it all. But I really enjoy the selection we have created as we began our cloth diapering experiement (Fuzzibunz, SoftBums, and Rumparooz). Until the next child I will just have to contain myself.

However, there is one aspect that I have not considered, until now (actually I more like said "Eww gross! NEVER!). CLOTH WIPES! After realizing how much money my husband and I were saving (I calculated by multiplying the number of diapers we used a day when he was on disposables and multiplied that by 31 days for a month, then multiplied that number by 30 to represent 2 1/2 years in diapers, anyway...) by using  cloth (saving about $853.40) I thought about how much more we could be saving by using cloth wipes. Also, our family would be helping the environment even more by not using 3-5 disposable wipes per poopy butt and throwing them into the landfill. After a poopy diaper I would just rinse the diaper and wipes and reuse. How great is that!

Yet I am still on the fence. Will they work as well, can I convince my husband to use them, and is it worth the (little) extra time are just a few questions I am pondering. Later today Gabriel and I will be going to a local cloth diapering store to look at the wipes and hopefully the owner will be able to give me some good insight.

If you have used cloth wipes feel free to leave a comment about your experience!


  1. way to go! i've been considering the same thing and have been experimenting myself! for wipe solution fill a spray bottle with one part baby lotion (i like a lavender scented baby lotion i use) and three parts water and shake it. for wipes, i have used cut up old rags (from old t shirt, burp rags, etc). when i change her i spray the solution and use the rags to pat her dry. i always use disposable wipes for poopies tho. also, i cut my disposable wipes in half so that i go through them slower and am less wasteful.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the wipe solution. I have 3 bottles of baby lotion that I got at my baby shower so that'd be a great use for one of them! I'm still on the first bottle :) I'm probably just going to use some of his baby wash clothes because I have a ton of them. If you decide to try them out on a poopy let me know how it goes! It will be interesting to see what works best for the wipes.