Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are you ready for your Perky Day?!

The first thing Dr. Cherny said to me when he walked into my pre-operating room was, "Are you ready for your Perky Day?!" Of course I am! I haven't had perky breasts since I was at least 15 or 16 years old. I was so ready to have the breast reduction and now that it's over and done I feel amazing.

Yes, I am VERY sore, my boobs are swollen, bruised and with fresh scars....but it's 100 % worth it. I went from a G cup to D cup and my back already feels better, and so does my self-confidence :) After my first shower at home I put on one of my favorite summer dresses and guess what!?! NO CLEAVAGE! Well, just a tiny bit but it seemed like nothing compared to the 3 - 4 inches of boob that used to show even when I wore a cami underneath it. I was so happy I started to cry when I showed my husband how I looked in the dress. And they aren't saggy anymore!

I cannot wait for the next 3 weeks to go by so I can pick up my baby boy again and sleep on my side. Not to mention wash my own hair. In about 10 weeks my final breast size and shape should be apparent and I can go bra shopping! I will actually be able to buy bras off the shelf at places like Target or Victoria's Secret!

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