Monday, October 31, 2011

A visit from Uncle

This weekend I went down to Des Moines to pick up my little brother Nicholas. It was just Gabe, Nick, and I Saturday because Jaime was learning how to combine with his NRCS friends. It was really nice to catch up with my lil bro. He's my little green-eyed blonde-haired mini me :)

Gabe walking with Pooh in his mouth and trying to give it to Nick

Nick reading his book on my messy couch (the boy loves to read :)

Banging his brush and the remote together

"Yes mom, I'm chewing on my brush! Gotta problem with it!?" lol silly guy

We also went to the Library and picked out a free movie, ate pizza, and watched a lot of Spongebob Square pants. During commercials Nick drilled me with questions like "Who was the only Egyptian pharaoh to worship one god?" and "Did you watch the Nova about the discovery of the ancient Ice Man?" I swear, that boy is going to grow up and be a famous scientist or historian the way he soaks up fascinating little facts. If he takes after his big sis and becomes a historian, well all the better.

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