Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bye-Bye Baby

Because Jaime and I both go to school full time we have to put Gabriel in day care (unfortunately all of our family is in Des Moines so no help there). We were able to find an in-home day care just a few blocks down from our apartments who would watch him from 9 to 5pm.

However, each day that I dropped him off something just didn't feel right (not creepy-bad or anything). The lady's TV was always on really loud, there were toys everywhere and a lot of them were way too small for Gabriel's safety. Also, he started to get a REALLY bad diaper rash and I realized she wasn't cleaning his butt well at all. There would be poop residue on his but when I got him home and she left him in a diaper every day for about 4 hours, which wouldn't be too bad if she actually cleaned his butt properly. After about 2 weeks my mommy instinct was just too strong and Jaime and I started to look into other providers. It seemed like everybody was full or only looking for a part time spot. Then I thought of something genius....

Why don't we have Jaime's sister come live with us as a nanny!!! She just got her CNA certificate and therefore has child CPR/first aid and she absolutely loves Gabriel. Also, Jessica is 18 but has never had a job before and just found out she is pregnant so she definitely needs a job right now. Luckily, she agreed to it and will be living with us Monday through Friday and going back to Des Moines over the weekends (her parents and very recent husband are in Des Moines). We provide room and board plus $100/week and we have a baby sitter we can trust to follow our values and guidelines and she gets to make some money and spend time with her nephew. Plus, I'm sure she'll appreciate the practice :) Today is her first day on the job so we shall see how it goes!

Jessica holding Gabe when he was ohh...about 4 months or so.

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  1. wow! i am so glad you got Gabriel out of that daycare! way to follow your instincts!