Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favorite Thing to Splurge On!

Gabriel has been in cloth diapers for 16 months now. Baby girl (wait...have I posted yet that it's a GIRL!!?!!) will be cloth diapered from the very beginning and we have decided (well, I decided to and my husband went along with it :) to make the diapers instead of buying them, for a few reasons. 1) Cloth diapering in general is cheaper than using disposables, but making your own is even CHEAPER! 2) You can pick whatever style, materials, sizes, combinations, etc. that you want. 3) IT'S FUN!!! Though I am a very amateur sewer (seamstress??) and have only been at it for a few months, even I can make a simple prefold, fitted diaper, or cover. Granted, it did take some trial and error and a few "unwearable" covers (ones that weren't sized correctly due to sewing errors), but once you get the hang of it sewing your own cloth diapers is really fun and economical. Anyway, I have a point to this little shpeel.

To show off what I've made the past week!

 First ever PUL diaper cover, size newborn for baby girl :)
 Size large diaper cover for Gabriel (some of his pocket diapers are 'dying' due to too much time in the dryer). 
 Action shot :)
 It's really hard to tell in the pic, but the cover is soo adorable! Brown is a great color on Gabe, and the FOE binding is orange with turquoise dots. 
 Gabriel blowing bye-bye kisses!

I've ordered the fabric to make baby girl's newborn diaper stash and plan on starting that next week now that I am done with school!

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