Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Post...because I'm behind on blogging :/

So, now that I have free time I have been busy at my sewing machine (and cleaning the house). This post is basically going to be full of pictures showing what I've made in the past 2 - 3 weeks! Enjoy :)

 Brown diaper cover with orange/blue FOE elastic.

 Pocket diaper with Pooh inside and brown PUL outside.
 An oh so comfy 100% wool diaper cover!! These are so soft and yummy I wish I had one...
 Same wool cover all closed up.
 Newborn fitted diaper made from stretch terry and closed with a Snappi
 Du-rag my dad had me make him for when he works on the farm.
 Brown & red diaper cover for Gabriel, one size.
 Newborn fitted diaper with knit interlock on the outside (note to self: knit is adorable but a pain in the arse to work with!)
 Inside of diaper is plush cotton velour :)
 Gabriel modeling his new diaper cover at grandma's.
 My newborn stash as of last weekend. I've made 2 more diapers since then but no pics yet :(

A video of Gabriel waving bye-bye, one of his new favorite things to do :)

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