Friday, July 20, 2012

What You can Do With an Old Towel and Receiving Blankie

Since I got my sewing machine in March, I have been going on baby craft binges where everyday I have the urge to sew something baby. My most recent binge has included a newborn hat, prefold diaper, and today I made a QSFW (quick snap flat wrap) diaper! I got the idea Sweet and Sassy Girls blog, though she didn't have an actual tutorial she did have the pattern to print out. It seemed pretty straight forward so I attempted it just using my common sense :) My goal is to take pictures as I go next time and post a detailed tutorial because as it turns out, it would have been nice to have, especially if you are a second-guesser like me.

Anyway, here was the outcome of my first attempt at a QSFW:

 This is the diaper unfolded.
 As you can tell by the picture, I opted not to add snaps or velcro and will be using my snappi instead. This way I can customize the fit better (and eliminate a step in the sewing process!)
Elastic for the legs to contain poopy. I wasn't super happy with how my elastic casings turned out, but hey, I'm still new to this :)

The only materials used to make these diapers were an old bath towel, an old receiving blankie, and some thread. It literally cost me nothing to make (well unless you calculate the cost of thread used and the cost of the towel I bought like 6 years ago, the blankie was a gift...but I didn't because that seems silly). 

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