Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Little Self-Feeder

We've been experimenting with self-feeding on-and-off since Gabriel was about a year old (to be honest, we didn't do it that often because I was a scaredy-cat). Typically, Gabriel would get frustrated- because he could never keep the food on the spoon- and he would get so worked up that he refused to eat anything...NOT FUN! Well lately if he decides to be picky I let him feed himself and then he seems much more interested in it. Well, this past Sunday was the first successful feeding!!! Gabriel managed to get 3 - 4 bites in a row. I think it's because he finally realized to stop flipping the spoon upside down as he puts it in his mouth :) are some pictures of today's dinner time!

I'm so proud of him! He's 20 months now and getting too big!

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