Thursday, May 10, 2012

Growing Too Fast!!!

Gabriel is 19.5 months now and it hit me the other day that he is so close to being 2 already! How did that happen? It seems like every other day he learns something new- or more likely he's been quietly observing and figuring things out and he finally has the confidence to execute them. Besides his previous word stash of MAMA, DADA, BOO, & BALL, Gabriel now says CAT and his newest favorite is UH-OH! Which he just started saying this past Tuesday. Whenever he drops something or gets in trouble he says "uh-oh" and it's so darn cute!

He also helps dress himself now by putting the sleeves on himself and lifting his legs to go into the pant-holes. He tries to button things but doesn't quiet have the skills yet.

My favorite new thing!? He follows simple commands such as "Gabriel, bring mommy your shoes, please" and "Would you like to read to mommy?" (he then goes to his table, picks a book and comes to sit in my lap). Unfortunately, when it comes to bringing mommy other things (like the remote he somehow found) he's kind of like a dog playing frisbee -- he knows what to do and he looks at me with a smile but decides it is more fun to make me reach for it and then run away with the item.

One of the things I'm not so crazy about at this stage is the battle with food. About a month ago he became a really picky eater. Things he used to love like bananas, yogurt, and squash he often refuses to eat and if I can convince him to eat it he doesn't finish it :( Basically all he wants to eat every day is cereal and granola bars, it's a chore getting variety into his diet and sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out! But I hope and pray that he outgrows this finickiness soon.

And here are some random pics since I don't have any "related" ones...but I love posting pics :)
 Reading with Daddy
 Look at this cool clump of dirt, daddy!
", why are you crouched on the floor taking my picture? (I was trying to be sneaky and get a pic of the pants I made from an old sweater). 

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