Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas Weekend

Usually we would drive down to Des Moines as soon as the semester is over but we decided to hold off this year since we have Gabriel (I can't even imagine spending 2 weeks out of town with a picky-sleeper toddler). Jaime and I were SOO excited to play Santa Clause and put presents under the tree Christmas Eve after Gabe went to bed! I even made homemade chocolate chip cookies, yum! We decided that since we have our own little family now that we would spend Christmas morning at our place and then drive down to see the grandparents. After church we drove to Jaime's parents in Des Moines for Christmas and Monday we spent with my parents. There was even time for a girl's day out!

Here are some pics documenting Gabriel's first Christmas as a mobile little man :)

 Coloring for the first time with daddy.
 So sleepy already
 A (failed) attempt at ginger bread houses

 Our dilapidated ginger houses
 Sliced my hand open with a pair of scissors (while opening the icing).
 Gabriel's bouncing turtle

 Grandmas Sandoval and Gabe
 Opening presents

 BAZINGA!!!! oh, I love that show
 We got Jessica some baby clothes
 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! Gabriel slept from 6:30pm - 8:15am without waking up once! First time EVER! awww :)
 And lucky me the past 2 nights he's only woken up at 5:30ish and is back to sleep in 20min!
 Very excited/emotional about my fancy mixer


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