Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dead Week

In college, the week before final examinations are often known as "Dead Week." As my mom said, "What on earth is 'Dead Week?'" Technically, it's an unwritten but socially expected agreement between the professors and students that no additional homework will be assigned during the pre-final week so that students can focus on studying. In reality, I'm pretty sure it's because we'd rather be dead than suffering through sleepless nights, hours of: reading, highlighting, group projects, fighting with our printers, stress, and headaches.

On top of the "traditional" double-whammy of homework given at this time of semester, I also had to deal with having no babysitter- which means this past week my husband and I took turns skipping whichever of our classes were "least important" so that we could watch Gabriel. In my opinion, Dead Week started last Monday, not this upcoming Monday, and it was more like "A week in Dante's Inferno."

The good thing about Dead Week and finals? CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!

I highly doubt that students would enjoy a 3 week break as thoroughly if they weren't put through so much stress before the freedom.

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