Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost Again

So I think I loose my camera every other day. I've been meaning to blog since Friday but couldn't upload the new pics to my computer for the blog...and I don't like blogging without pics unless I have no other choice.

And finally, here is the post!

My cousin turned 22 last Thursday and my husband and I decided to throw her a little surprise party, and when I say little I mean little. It was just going to be Beth, her little sis Aubrey, my husband, sis-in-law, and myself. However, we had an unexpected but pleasant surprise guest, my father-in-law. I guess he was lonely in Des Moines so he drove all the way to Ames to pick Jessica up a day early.

Anywho...my husband made an amazing lemon-garlic chicken (which he had killed and plucked this summer) and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies! It's been forever since I made homemade cookies and they are my FAVORITE thing to bake, it felt so amazing!!! And my husband worked so hard on his chicken which tasted amazing! It was a great night, we put Gabe to bed at 7pm, chatted over dinner and hot chocolate, and watched Despicable Me. Ooh and I put little bundles of balloons all around our living room so it actually looked like a party :)

Unfortunately, I was so caught up in chatting with everyone I forgot to take pics until the end :(

My amazing cousins doing the dishes so I wouldn't be up all night doing them.

What was left of the beautiful cookie cake I made for Beth.

My husband enjoying the chance to watch TV.

Hehe, caught Beth in the act of talking.

Friday night was even more amazing because I had spent that whole week studying for two test that I had on Thursday and Friday. It felt great to be able to breath and not have a bazillion hours of studying to do! Of course I still had readings for my Classical studies, Western Civ. and Sociology courses but it was Friday! I'm sure I will pay for the slacking this week but at least I got to spend time with my bestie :)

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