Thursday, July 28, 2011


Went to talk with my plastic surgeon today and have decided to aim for a C cup for the breast reduction. He says he can't guarantee it because it depends on the "layout" of my breast (whether it's mostly tissue or fat kind of thing) and what he'll be able to remove. I was also very ecstatic to find out that he includes a breast lift in the reduction (at no extra cost like other surgeons) because he knows that nobody wants to finally have smaller, "normal" boobs that are still saggy...especially since I am 21 I'd love to experience perky-ish boobs again! Paid the $350 dollar deposit along with hubby's rent today so we are officially broke until financial aid kicks in next month, yippee! Hopefully August 11th I will be posting about my successful surgery and new boobs! Until then...

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