Friday, July 8, 2011

So Far So Good - SoftBum Diapers

We have been using the SoftBum diapers for about a week now and I really like them. I was hesitant about using them because they have a velcro closure, but decided that the elastic leg adjustments were worth it. Gabriel has chunky legs but not a chunky tummy so it was really hard to get a lot of the snap diapers to fit him properly. Though I'm still worried that the velcro won't last as long as the snaps they do create a great fit, especially when combined with the elastic leg adjustments that SoftBums has. Plus, my husband loves it because it goes on almost exactly like a disposable. Also, you can use it as a pocket diaper or snap in a liner so when you go to change it next time you just take off the wet liner and snap in a new one! Overall, I'm really liking the SoftBums cloth diaper for it's adjustability and "reusable" aspects (not to mention they are super cute!).

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