Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going to The Movies

Yesterday I decided to go see the new Transformers movie, yes even with a 9 month old baby boy. My brother, who we were going with thought I was crazy (and so did I). We arrive at the theater a few minutes before 11a.m. when the movie starts. I was thinking about all the possible reactions of my son: screaming, crying, deciding to be hyper and laugh, etc. But the movie started...and he was fine! Even with all of the explosions, gun fire, and yelling he didn't make a peep; he even slept for about 30 minutes! Which is amazing for my son who fights sleep like it's the Boogie Monster. The whole movie he just played with his Tigger toy or bounced in my lap. It was like my very demanding, high maintenance, but lovable baby had been replace by a patient, self-entertaining baby. The "strange" behavior continued for the rest of the day. His next nap went wonderful, feeding was smooth, I was able to do laundry, dishes, and floor time with him without a single tantrum! Lets hope this wonderful behavior flows into today so Mommy can get packed for the weekend trip to Grandpa's.

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